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The "persisted for at least a few generations" and "conscious educated decision" requirements really nailed the coffin in this case. Especially that latter. It is not altogether uncommon to find organised states collapse; while the result might meet some definitions of anarchy, none of them really made a "conscious educated decision" to practice anarchism. ...


While I wouldn't posit this as a successful example, the Mu'tazili in the 9th century makes for an interesting anarchist school of thought Patricia Crone: Ninth Century Muslim Anarchists, published in Past and Present (No. 167, May 2000) The Mu'tazilites offered a variety of arguments in favour of anarchism, but only one is quoted in full, that of the ...


Who's to say Goliath and Hercules weren't based on actual people? Goliath's description in the bible isn't even all that outlandish. Someone really large to an ancient Semite would probably still be dwarfed by your typical NBA center today. (Note - our earliest manuscripts give Goliath a size that would translate to about 6 foot 7 inches. Wikipedia says a ...


The Mutawakkili kingdom was ruled by the imam of the Zaydi sect. The Houthis are Zaydis, but they are not from the family of the Imams; in this sense they are not “the same lot”, as you put it. It would not be surprising if they would attempt to restore the imamate, but as yet they do not seem to have suggested this.

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