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Who's to say Goliath and Hercules weren't based on actual people? Goliath's description in the bible isn't even all that outlandish. Someone really large to an ancient Semite would probably still be dwarfed by your typical NBA center today. (Note - our earliest manuscripts give Goliath a size that would translate to about 6 foot 7 inches. Wikipedia says a ...


As far as I can remember, tyres were put on the bridge mostly as a protection against mortar shells which have small velocity. Tyres indeed help with low velocity shells and help absorb the explosions. However, tyres do not help (much) with high velocity artillery shells and tank shells fired from the sides like the ones that bring the bridge down.


This is a compendium of what I've learned from the other answer and the comments. There were several natural advantages of the Pilsen location, pointed out in detail by Vector; abundant raw materials and suitable labor nearby, and the presence of enterpreneur Emil Skoda, a "native son." Mark C. Wallace asked an important question in a comment (since ...

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