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Vienna was besieged in 1683. In the Treaty of Bakhchisarai, Russia agreed not to fight Ottoman Empire for the time between 1681 and 1701, and actually kept the promise... until 1686 that is. Then it joined the European coalition and started Russo-Turkish War (1686–1700), which it won, gaining Azov and Taganrog. Both were lost soon in 1711, Azov re-taken by ...


The 'treasury' inside St. Mark's basilica in Venice has a spectacular collection of byzantine artifacts.


Remember that just a year before Battle of Vienna, tsar Feodor Alexeyevich passed away, what resulted with Moscow Uprising of 1682. In result, all the power was gained by Sophia Alekseyevna, who became the regent of Russia. The future tsar, Peter the Great, was only 10 years old. Following the uprising, the internal situation of Russia was very unstable, ...


I found this reference, Venice in Environmental Peril?: Myth and Reality By Dominic Standish, citing that about 4% of the population were patricians and about 6% were citizens "leaving about 90% powerless".

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