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The short answer is that there was a concentrated effort in post-WW2 Europe to clear known minefields. France, for example, used POWs to do the dirty work. Longer answer is that the post-WW2 period was very different than the post-Balkan Wars period. At its heart, WW2 was a "tidier" war with two opposed groups of nation states with relatively disciplined ...


Mines are normally not installed in the mountains. They are installed to prevent the passage of tanks (anti-tank mines) or personnel (anti-personnel mines). So they are laid in the fields on on the roads, but in a really rough terrain they are useless (and difficult to install). This said, the last war in the Alps ended 70 years ago, and it was on the ...


It's not in the Alps, but it's interesting to note that even after 70 years, in one of the most highly developed regions of the world, not all land mines have been cleared. See for example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eifel_National_Park#Minefield_danger

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