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In order for the Allies, specifically in this case England, to create a naval blockade against the Axis--Germany in the north--it was practical for England to cover as much area as possible without physically being present with warships. During WWII Germany had solidified it's reach to the Netherlands, Poland, northern France, Belgium, Denmark, and Norway. ...


The initial British/French mining in the channel was as an anti-submarine barrage. Later anti-invasion fields were laid. Later in the war offensive fields were laid on the other side of the channel. Details of RN mine laying in WW2 may be found here


In the above answers I haven't seen the warring states period of China. It was like the real life version of the game Risk with seven (major) players for over 2 centuries till one of them conquered all the others at the end.


Recorded in Plutarch's De garrulitate, this is an example of a Laconic phrase: After invading Greece and receiving the submission of other key city-states, Philip II of Macedon sent a message to Sparta: "If I invade Laconia you will be destroyed, never to rise again." The Spartan ephors replied with a single word: "If" (αἴκα). Subsequently ...


The answer is absolutely zero. The Belgae people of 50 BC and the Belgians of today are in all likelihood completely genetically different - the area was resettled by Romans, as you say, but also suffered (and most likely bred with) various different Germans, Goths, Huns, Magyars and finally Vikings before we reach somewhere resembling today's modern ...


Syria is controlled by Alawites who follow a specialized, somewhat secretive religion. This religion is often described as "shiite muslim," but that is a gross oversimplification. The Alawites have friendly, although sometimes uneasy, association with not only the Maronites, but with other Christian and non-Christian minorities including the Druse and ...


The Maronites were themselves divided and some elite families engaged in Mafia style gang-wars to control valuable smuggling routes. Suleiman Frangieh- a notorious Maronite war-lord, Gang Boss, but also a President of Lebanon, had become close friends with the Assads (who took control of Syria). He invited the Syrians in to Lebanon. His son was killed by ...

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