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The Americans were on Luzon, and the Japanese had air and naval superiority, so reaching Mindanao was out of the question. The initial landings of the Japanese cut off the US troops, deployed near the capital of Manila, from what hills there are on that island. The main requirement of a guerrilla campaign is to either be able to escape the occupying army ...


Sabres were widely used in WWII, although I would not call them swords. By Russia By Germany By Italy By Poland


Since British soldier Jack Churchill was still using a sword in WW2 (and getting the latest yet confirmed kill with a bow, also in WW2), this might just be the most recent major war where these were used.


Following and expanding on from Mike L's comment the short answer will be we don't know. Numbers of armies as quoted in works at or close to the time were often (always?) exaggerated, you know our guys only had 10,000 and the bad guys, they had a 100,000 and we still beat them. Camp followers and townsfolk could also get lumped into the count regardless of ...

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