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There are two cases of blowpipe-wielding hunter-gatherers being made use of in modern jungle warfare: the Dayaks in Borneo during WWII, and the Orang Asli (Senoi/Temiar) in peninsular Malaysia during the Malayan Emergency, the post-WWII conflict between the Malayan Communists and the British colonial power. On the first, see this link to a PBS program ...


A railgun currently being developed by the US navy is planned to be integrated onto a ship by 2016 (although the reference is from 2010) with an estimated range of 160 km. It's unclear how far the current technology is able to reach given the probable secrecy of the project. The end goal is to eventually reach as far as 370 km.


In 2005 the Advanced Modular Gun Demonstrator test fired 85 miles or 137km and the shells could go 45km high. One article quotes the barrel pressure at 100,000 psi which is absurd. However, it is research equipment, not a practical weapon. Here is a presentation about it that looks so bad I'd think it were a joke if I didn't know better. That edges out ...


It may be the German V-3, with a maximum range of 165 km. It was destroyed before it could be fired, although several experimental models were used in Luxembourg in 1944-1945. After the war, a U.S.-Canadian group revived the V-3, hoping to use it as a cheap weay to launch objects into space. According to this military history site: Using a testing ...


If you don't care if they were actually used in combat, then the German V-3 cannons would certainly seem to be in with a shot (pardon the pun), with a projected range of 165km. If you're including land-based guns that fired straight up, then Project Harp had a 'range' of 180km.

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