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Bombs (or anything metal with sharp edges) naturally tend to whistle as they fall, however, in many cases they were designed to enhance the whistle to make it louder and more intense, the purpose being to terrify anyone in the vicinity of the target zone. The patent diagram below shows a typical design: The elliptical cutouts labeled I5 in the diagram are ...


The last organized use of swords was probably by the Polish cavalry in September 1939 and possibly as late as March 1945. Polish cavalry in 1939 were really mounted infantry. Instead of trucks or bicycles, they used horses for mobility. Fighting was intended to be done dismounted and with modern weaponry. However, they were still armed with a very fine ...


Fantasy fiction, art and films tend to over-emphasize swords, compared to what was historically used, as they both take more effort and metal to make, and more skill to use properly, than spears, clubs, maces, axes or polearms. Even contemporary art depictions of battles tend to overemphasize swords for their symbolic value and because they tend to focus on ...

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