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US Cruisers used their Torpedos in many actions. Because they fought closer in ship to ship actions. Usually battleships were stationed for bombardment of beaches during landing operations.In a recent naval paper In fact, the US. Marine service as stated that unless the Navy comes up with a ship able to shell beaches the marines may not ever try another ...


In terms of Allied propaganda being a root cause of the German revolution, I'd say Hitler's statement is not accurate. I'd further state that Mein Kampf is a political/ideological document, and any historical references in such documents should be immediately suspect. Ultimately, failure of an authoritarian ruling class in Germany had led to defeat on the ...


There is an conspiracy theory, where Rudolf, the crown Prince of Austria was murdered. Official documents reports that he died in an act of suicide. More details about Rudolf here:,_Crown_Prince_of_Austria#Affairs_and_suicide

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