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For a long time, 21 was the "age of adulthood". From Encyclopedia of Adult Development: As early as the thirteenth century, age 21 was an important marker in Britain, at least for men. This was the age, for example, when they could begin to serve as knights. It was believed that the physical requirements of combat - to wear a heavy suit of armor and ...


Age of consent laws could, in part, explain why we've settled on 18 or ages near to it. Age of consent statutes can be dated as far back as 1275 in England and were adopted in a number of other countries throughout Europe. Some of the first interpretations settled on the "age of marriage", which at the time was 12. Part of the problem with have a set number ...


On a minor detail, as far as I know ancient Roman law had several stages and ages of majority. Roman boys had a ceremony to remove the toga praetexta with a broad purple border, and their protective bulla praetexa amulets, and assume the pure white toga virilis, the toga of manhood, at 14, considered to be the age of male puberty in ancient Rome. Roman ...


I think the place is Washawng in northern Burma/Myanmar, it's near Ledo Road. The date could be 3rd May maybe 1944, but I cannot find the exact NCAC unit stationed there.

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