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Your question is an interesting one and although I can't provide a definitive answer I would speculate that yes, such film at least did exist even if it does not exist today. I would further speculate that such film as you search for does exist today, but where it is, and why, in this the 100th anniversary of the WW1, it can't be found I cannot say. Add to ...


First, I will assume that OP refers to the case of going over the top on an assault rather than engaging in a surreptitious raid across no-man's land. Consider the assault on Vimy Ridge by the Canadian Corps over Easter Weekend, 1917. The assault was performed over 4 days by 15,000 men of the Canadian Corps, of whom nearly 3600 would die and over 7,000 ...


Indian WWI-recruitment poster was very peculiar. Material benefits, instead of patriotism, were employed to encourage recruitment. Indian recruitment poster. Urdu translation reads: 'Who will take this uniform, money and rifle? The one who will join the army. Source: Imperial war museum.

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