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Student in Germany, sailor in France.

comment At the end of WWII, were nazis working on any other super weapon besides V-2?
I would add that the cult of the Wunderwaffe (typical of the Nazi mentality) was the cause (or an acceleration) of the German defeat, particularly on the East. For example, a Panther tank (design partly inspired from the T-34) could easily knock out 5 or 6 T-34 in a battle before getting hit. But at Kursk, the Russians had 17 T-34 ready for each Panther tank because it was incredibly faster and cheaper to assemble. Similarly, a Tiger tank usually had a mechanical problem every 10 km.
comment Why didn't France and UK invade Germany September 3rd 1939?
I had the occasion to talk to a German History Professor who is a well-renowned WWII specialist (and Waffen-SS specialist). He told me this strategy was as that time the better thing for the Allies to do.
comment Why didn't France and UK invade Germany September 3rd 1939?
I would add that the Germans had been strengthened by the Anschluss and the Czech arms industry in 1939. the armies that invaded Poland were relying heavily on Czech weapons.
comment Why didn't France and UK invade Germany September 3rd 1939?
The fortress mentality was mainly justified, but it was much too rigid. The lack of leadership was mainly in the French military (the reason why Paul Reynaud, the French head of government, wanted a surrender rather than an early peace, to make the military bear the historical responsibility).
comment Why does German money from the 1940s not bear Nazi symbols?
I have some notes from the late 30s that have a swastika in filigram. Maybe it is the case.
comment National Socialist litterature - Where to find it?
found this (warning, the website name speaks for itself...) nazi.org.uk
comment The first use of submarines, and the appearance of “modern” submarines
The submarines had a (strong) psychological effect in the Civil War... and in 1844 a French engineer built a closed air circuit submarine to help in the construction of underwater infrastructures in harbours.
comment Why does the monarchy of Belgium still exist after Leopold 2?
You could add that Congo was at that time a personal property of Leopold II and had nothing to do with Belgium.
comment In England, how many Jews died during the persecutions of the crusades during 1190-1200?
Maybe a look at the author's sources would help...
comment Were there any battles in Continental Europe that were decided by “peasants with pitchforks?”
The "Great Jacquerie" in 1358 in France played a very important role in the Hundred Year's War.
comment What examples are of French and Arab cultural integration?
Yes, Camus was a pied-noir (blackfoot), as was Robert Merle for example, and French Algeria is omnipresent as a certain concrete sense of justice that make him very visible, but it's important to say there were 1 million Europeans in Algeria, as the introduction of mechanized and systematic agriculture since 1880, as well as generous subsides from the French Republic drew a lot of (mostly poor) migrants from France, Italy, Malta and Spain (among others) to Algeria.