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comment How much was the wealthy elite harmed by the Bolshevik revolution?
@Oldcat I think the suggestion is that the very wealthy might have the resources to escape, whereas the somewhat wealthy don't.
comment Why does the United States keep using “old” date representations and imperial system, while being in the minority?
"Imagine your own country wanted to switch to American units and formats.". I've lived in two countries that transitioned from one kind of unit to another, and over a couple of decades bother were fine with it.
comment Why did England consistently adopt red as their primary colour for insignia and uniform?
Some references would really improve this answer.
comment Did Germany lose World War II when/because “kill ratios” started moving “against” her?
@EugeneSeidel United Nations (UN) was normal terminology for what we now call "the Allies" at the time. Not used to much now to avoid confusion with the postwar organization.
comment Why are the democracies of France, Israel and India rated “Flawed Democracies”?
Is this really History?
comment Which country was the first to separate (Christian) Church from state?
Lots of this is wrong. Many states granted special privileges to particular churches in the running of the state, from crowning the monarch to sitting in parliament to setting up schools. it's very hard to make an argument that such a state is 'secular'.
comment Which country was the first to separate (Christian) Church from state?
"The rulers of all other European states were secular persons". What about Henry VIII, Defender of the Faith and head of the Church of England?
comment Why did Operation Market Garden go ahead when the allies knew German armor was in the area?
It's probably worth saying that all military operations are risky, and their commanders know it. Even with the armour, the Paras held out a long time and if the ground forces had managed to move more quickly Arnhem might have been taken even with the presence of the Panzers. Capturing Arnhem would have been a huge win for the Allies, and it might well have been worth taking the risk even if the presence of the armour was known beyond doubt.