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During the day, I forecast sales at supermarkets, drugstores, furniture, perfume and other retailers and calculate order proposals. Lots of time series, with an emphasis on fast, automatic and robust data cleansing and forecasting - with some logistical optimization thrown in for good measure. I'm active in the International Institute of Forecasters and an Associate Editor for their practitioner-oriented journal Foresight.

At night, I switch hats and do inferential statistics for clinical and biological psychology.

I'm never bored. And I use R.

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comment Were well-connected Germans able to park their sons in Norway during WWII?
Wikipedia (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_occupation_of_Norway) claims that Norway was garrisoned with 300,000 men, citing the Encyclopedia Britannica. As to the rationale, it adds the Norwegian ports and airfields, from which Germany could attack Britain and intercept US convoys to the Soviet Union passing through the Arctic.
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