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comment What is so special about the location of Mexico City?
Historical to the 14th century, yes. Even though the emblem of their flag originates there, all of the most important events in Mexico, from the Mexican-American War to the creation of the 1917 Constitution happened elsewhere. Everything that I have read mentions a return to Mexico City. Other than the Aztecs stumbling upon a vision given to them by a diety, nothing significant ever occurred there. Throughout Mexico's history, the area is fought over several times, yet these struggles never occured within the city itself.
comment Why was Queretaro chosen as a fail-safe capital of Mexico?
Thank you for that!
comment Why was Queretaro chosen as a fail-safe capital of Mexico?
Good point about the Mexico City question. It really should have its own area. I am writing a research paper on the importance of Mexico City and I have a thesis concerning the geographic location of Mexico City, but as it turns out, nearly every treaty, war, and governmental issues happened in Queretaro, so I cannot write this thesis without including Queretaro.