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I love Physics, especially creating my own theories and formulas. I'm slow, but good at Math. I hope to be a Theoretical Physicist and a Mathematician one day. It's my ultimate aim to get a PhD. and a Nobel Prize in Physics by uncovering the secrets of the Universe. Please challenge my ideas as much as you can for I believe in constructive criticism. (I hate it when righties wear their watches on their right hands. Please stop doing it if you're one of them.)

comment Did WWII Delay Indian Independence?
I don't have a link, but I read it in a book. It says, "We do not seek our independence out of British ruin." - Gandhi. June 1, 1940. A explanation is provided elsewhere, saying that this was a cause for a rift of Gandhi with Subhas Chandra Bose and the division of the right and left wings of the Indian National Congress.