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comment When did the socialist movement start becoming noteworthy in Russian history?
Never said he did invent anything... only that he influenced the modern form of communism. Which pertains to what form of Communism affected Russia and what were the conditions that lead to its success in Russia (Taking power anyways). Communism in Jamestown occurred in the 17th Century. Plus early forms of Christianity, Ancient Greek philosophers even hunter gatherers in the Paleolithic Era practiced or preached socialism. Yes Socialism predates Marx.
comment Have there been other examples of reunification/annexation, such as in the Crimea, that succeeded without using deadly force?
I'm saying Russia took away a reason for the West to use a military option by not using deadly force. Are there other examples of this?
comment How much of the success of the Soviet forces in WWII can be attributed to the modernization efforts enacted by the Soviet/Bolshevik leadership?
I've edited my question. Can this be reopened?
comment Why did the Germans wait until it was too late to reinstate their unrestricted submarine warfare in WWI?
Thanks for the answer. Do you think the U-Boat blockade could have succeeded even with an American entry into the war?
comment Why did the Germans wait until it was too late to reinstate their unrestricted submarine warfare in WWI?
@Pieter Geerkens What could the Americans do to stop the U-Boat strangulation of the British as far as material, strategies and tactics? It's my understanding that early anti-submarine tactics revolved around disguised merchant ships with deck guns and ramming subs with destroyers.
comment Does anyone have a concrete example of the British Empire using revolution to gain control over foreign resources, governments?
Thanks. Do you have a reference for further research?
comment Why did Hitler attack the Soviet Union when he was still busy fighting the United Kingdom?
I agree with most of your answer except that it was Hitler who diverted Army Groupe Center from Moscow to Kiev. Hitler thought he had all the time in the world why else would he have no winter preparations. Guderian realized this diversion would cost them precious time before winter. I also agree that had the German's had another month before the winter of 1941 the outcome could have been much different.
comment How much of the *Iliad* was confirmed scientifically?
Makes me think of Lord of the Rings... "Gondor is asking for help..." Nice answer.