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comment To what extent did the CPC avoid fighting with the Japanese?
As for the resources, you can check zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E5%85%AB%E8%B7%AF%E5%86%9B, 360doc.com/content/10/1129/18/894924_73498598.shtml, or some books like this one book.douban.com/subject/6531475
comment To what extent did the CPC avoid fighting with the Japanese?
I don't think you 'll get the right answer for the wrong question anyway. If you ask for both sides, CPC and KMT, none of them would tell you they avoided fighting with Japanese invaders. You question should be if there's any circumstance that one side drove Japanese troop to the the other side as sabotage, so called 'avoiding fight with Japanese'. I believe there was such sabotage on both sides. But in general, when the Eight Route Army was built,this army belonged to KMT's troop structure, they were generally doing cooperation work at the time.
comment Why did the British control Hong Kong over 99 years?
Please notify your source or your simply just imagined these 2 points by yourself ?
comment Why did the US drop nuclear bombs on a weakened Japan?
I think detonating nuclear weapon in Japan would stop Japanese people willing to have nuclear weapon themselves in the long run after WW2. Nuclear victim has no reason to own nuclear weapon, but has most excuses to not having one due to the tragedy happened. US wouldn't allow a nuclear weapon armed potential enemy.