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comment Were concentration camp guards allowed to talk about their work at home?
I am not sure which answer to accept. I like the change of perspective (POV of prison guard) by @TomAu and that it sounds very reasonable without having to have a rule that you can't talk. However the other two answers are a more direct response to my question. I'll think about it.
comment “Year without a summer” 1816 effects on Africa
Judging from the article, quite a few nowadays dry areas in Africa would have gotten a lot of rain. Of course that does not say, that it was beneficial to agriculture, as it was unexpected. I am even more interested in eye witness reports now!
comment “Year without a summer” 1816 effects on Africa
I really like the article! It does not only talk about North Africa, but also about the Southern hemisphere, something I would not have expected. You labeled the article "bizarre" and it might well be, but I'd have to rely on your judgement. Do you think, it is bizarre because of its style, its unusual topic or because it was not behind a paywall (indicating peer-review)? I am genuinely interested, as I do not know anything about publications related to history.