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comment Best books on the politics behind WWII
"Best books" is gonna really depend on who you are and what you're looking for. If you can describe in a bit more detail what sort of study you're engaged in, this could be considerably less subjective. See also: meta discussion
comment When did steel first appear?
As demonstrated, the answer to the question asked in the title can be obtained quite easily. The latter part of the text hints at a more interesting question, but deviates from that described in the title. If indeed you're researching the history of steel weaponry, a bit of additional information on where you're stuck might aid in the construction of more comprehensive answers...
comment Oldest Code of Law?
This question is fairly open-ended, and seems designed more to provoke discussion than to draw on facts or specific expertise. It is possible you could re-write this in a format more suitable to these sites; consider elaborating on the specific problem or area of study you're involved in, and noting how the history of written law relates to this.
comment Is there any documentation regarding the use of war elephants in battles?
Do you have a reference for this?
comment Why is Christopher Columbus credited for “discovering” America?
FWIW: there was a bit of controversy over the description of Vikings as "not well-educated". This ended up being mostly tangential, and more than a little heated, so I've removed it - if anyone's interested in continuing the discussion, please do so in chat - and please, be respectful of one another.