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comment “No sane man will dance.”? When / where / about-what did Cicero say this?
Sorry, I am not sure 100% how to leave comments to comments, but Brock said: "Excellent; thank you, Choster. Interestingly, the translation of that phrase seems to ignore the fere, and the forte. So perhaps a more accurate translation would be, No one savagely dances sober, unless he is (very or ¿luckily?) insane. ... ... Bottom line is that the modern use is a misquote of a, possibly slightly off, translation. – Brock Adams Sep 17 '12 at 0:47" <br><br> <b>Fere</b> = almost, and is included in the given translation by "one may almost say".<br> <b>Forte</b> = by chance, and is included with