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A qualified chemist who somehow drifted into web development. I've learned (to a greater or lesser degree of accuracy) PHP and JavaScript, and would like to learn something completely different for the sake of it. I'm a weirdo who actually enjoys reading (and sometimes writing) technical documentation.

comment Why does the United States keep using “old” date representations and imperial system, while being in the minority?
I'm not aware of any country in the EU which has ever used mm-dd-yyyy.
comment Why are scientific and medical training so different?
When you say a brief period in the 1700s-1950s, are you saying that the 1700s to the 1950s was itself a brief period, or are you referring to a brief period which occurred within that timespan? (Grammatically, the meaning is the latter; the former makes more semantic sense, but I'm not sure on what timescale 250 years counts as "brief". Depends how broad a sweep of history you're considering, I suppose.)
comment Is there a link between the Easter rabbits and the Yaknehaz rabbits?
Rabbits are associated with the Spring, anyway. And I don't know about Passover, but Easter certainly adopted some traditions from pre-Christian fertility festivals (see also: eggs), and rabbits are famously fertile. There's no real Christian imagery in either rabbits or eggs.
comment When did the British monarch become an emperor?
@MonsterTruck. Northern Ireland did not exist as a political entity at that time.