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comment What did sectionalism have to do with the American civil war?
It is funny how on the surface people seem to be standing up for the right moral cause (e.g. getting rid of slavery), but in the end when one looks at the details it ALWAYS boils down to following the money. In this case, the midwest and border states didn't like the competition and thought they'd make more money siding with the north.
comment What Factors Have Led to the Duration of US Copyrights Continuously Increasing?
I disagree that the last 2 increases in copyright ownership was not because of Disney. Disney was the exact reason that both the Copyright Act of 1976 and the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act's were introduced and passed.
comment How did people travel to remote islands like Easter Island?
Seems to me the most logical explanation is somebody got lost.
comment Has there ever been a serious effort to reform the US Electoral College system?
I like the electoral college. Someone shouldn't become president simply because they managed to cowtow to the people in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles which is what would happen without the EC. The president is supposed to represent all the people, without the EC then only the people in the city would be represented.