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Professor Caprion

A very, very long time Role-Player and GM (20+ years) who's never lived outside of Maryland. How exciting! My wife and I do two weekly tabletop games (A Song of Ice and Fire and Torg), as well as attempt to resurrect our webcomic that has been on hiatus forever.

My RPG knowledge includes the Classic World of Darkness system (I own over 370 "OWoD" books, primary focus on Mage: the Ascension), Torg (owning every print book and Infiniverse newsletter published), Scion and the Fate Core System. I have also dabbled in a plethora of other games, such as D&D (2nd Ed, and a tiny bit of 3.5), Exalted, Mistborn, Dresden Files, Deadlands, Victoriana, Chill, Marvel Feat System (do they even make that, anymore?), and a whole bunch of others I'm probably forgetting.

Most recently, I'm developing a conversion of the classic Torg RPG to the Fate Core system... which is what has brought me here.