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comment What are the social preconditions for division of labour, when compared in different emerging civilizations?
@kubanczyk While I accept that I can and should give references for the evidence I provide, I don't accept that my reasoning and arguments must be sanctioned by another person ... theoretically we should all be able to start from same sets of data and draw our own conclusions without having 'clerical' oversight. That does not mean that we should not have healthy debate, but certainly, I do not agree with an 'accepted answer' since that is anethema to intellectual investigation, and smacks of the ecclesiastical thinking that stifles clear thinking and investigation
comment Was there a noble cause to Genghis Khan's campaign?
Felix@, after reading what you said I realized that I had not completed my conclusion and so added a line or two. Thanks for the feedback.
comment How did cities operate in medieval times?
The movie "The Name of the Rose" matches these descriptions about destitute starving peasants very closely. It might be worth seeing. Also the movie "Pillars of the Earth," though set in the 1100s does show something about markets and people struggling to survive.
comment How did cities operate in medieval times?
presumably this question is limited to Europe, so when you say middle ages you are not including any other part of the world .. is that correct?
comment Why and when did agriculture lose its prestige?
@Travis I had not added any references since no other answer had one. But since you have asked for it I'll go back and add references in the next few days.