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I'm a graduate student in theoretical high energy physics at Cornell University working under the supervision of Yuval Grossman. My research interest is to help find new physics within my lifetime. While I'm open to a variety of topics, my current focus is on model building, improving understanding of LHC data, and proposing new searches.

If you are interested then I encourage you to take a look at my papers:

  1. Strong tW scattering at the LHC. Jeff Asaf Dror, Marco Farina, Ennio Salvioni, Javi Serra [arXiv: 1511.03674](2015)
  2. Mixed Stops and the ATLAS on-Z Excess. Jack H. Collins, Jeff Asaf Dror, Marco Farina [arXiv: 1508.02419](2015)
  3. Sneutrino Higgs models explain lepton non-universality in CMS excesses. [JHEP] Josh Berger, Jeff Asaf Dror, Wee Hao Ng [arXiv:1506.08213](2015)
  4. Angular Distributions as Lifetime Probes. [JHEP] Jeff Asaf Dror and Yuval Grossman. [arXiv: 1311.4542] (2014)
  5. Efficient transfer of positrons from a buffer-gas-cooled accumulator into an orthogonally oriented superconducting solenoid for antihydrogen studies [New J. Phys 14] D. Comeau, A. Dror, D.W. Fitzakerley, M.C. George, E.A. Hessels, C.H. Storry, M. Weel, D. Grzonka, W. Oelert, G. Gabrielse, R. Kalra, W.S. Kolthammer, R. McConnell, P. Richerme , A. Mullers and J. Walz (ATRAP Collaboration) (2012)