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Youngest member of the Bluth family. Cartography, Native American tribal ceremonies and 18th century agrarian business principles and archaeology expert.

"Are you at all concerned about an uprising?"

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comment Were the 19th century decades referred to as 40s, 50s back then?
See also: the Gay Nineties (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gay_Nineties)
comment What is the origin of the American stereotype that Polish people lack intelligence?
@T.E.D. I hesitate to give your answer the nice green check mark without any citations. Once that's in there, the rep is all yours! :)
comment When did the cats versus dogs rivalry begin in the US?
This is a tough one! Preliminary research just leads to answers about either A. the history of the domestication of both or B. comparisons of which one people prefer. Still searching though!
comment Maintaining the status quo throughout the British Colonies of North America
well-worded, thought-provoking question!
comment How many soldiers were present at the charge down Little Round Top?
Edited to reflect your comment. The left flank contained the soldiers involved in the charge to my knowledge. Feel free to edit if you find any more holes and/or better information!
comment Was there a race to patent the use of Freon as a home refrigerator coolant?
Hmm...maybe. I think we're moving away from the heart of the question: was there another team working on a solution? After considering editing the post, I think the current title speaks to the 'was there another team?' end. Edited the post itself to emphasize this.
comment Was there a race to patent the use of Freon as a home refrigerator coolant?
The 'race' would be to patent a solution FIRST, as it could be more profitable/marketable.
comment Why does German money from the 1940s not bear Nazi symbols?
@Anixx I edited for clarity and removed the supplemental question about the colors because it may distract from the main question, in addition to leading the question in more than one direction. Re-edit if you think anything important was lost.