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I am a long time reader of fantasy and science fiction. A lover of horror movies. A collector and scholar of comic books. I have an MA in History focusing on the Cold War and comic books during the Reagan and Bush years. I believe knowledge should be free and that you can learn from anyone if you just take the time. Even if all you learn is how not to be like that person.

comment What was the hippie movement? Why did it decline?
I should have been more clear. That is also not Cat Stevens singing. It is Harry Chapin. There is no evidence that Cat Stevens ever sang this song.
comment What was the hippie movement? Why did it decline?
Just one correction, Cat's in the Cradle is not a Cat Stevens song. It is by Harry Chapin. Whoever uploaded that video is in error.
comment Furniture van in 1848 France
The term "van" is a shortening of the word caravan. It does not refer solely to a motorized vehicle.
comment How was Sahara desert formed?
A quick google search turned up the book Physical Geography: Biogeography By K. Bharatdwaj published by Discovery Publishing Pvt.Ltd in India. It gives herbivore overgrazing as the reason for the Sahara desert.
comment Plans for More Nuclear Warfare in Japan during WW2
@CodyGray The document I linked to showed that we had another bomb ready to be shipped on August 19 and they were deciding whether to drop more if Japan didn't surrender.