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Stack Exchange employs me as a Community Manager. I've been known to respond to jericson@stackexchange.com. Alternatively, I maintain an office on chat. (Please ignore the meta cruft.)

You can read about what I've done over the years in my curriculum vitae.

On a personal note, I'm married and have three children. Our oldest son loves school, friends, games, and reading. (He can't wait to get on our LEGO® Answers site, but he's not quite old enough. My posts there are usually at his request.) Two of my children happen to have been born on the same day. I sometimes write about that experience.

Don't have time for a full review of something? Why not try my 5-second reviews?

Occasionally, I write a post for Eschewmenical.

revised What is the origin of the American stereotype that Polish people lack intelligence?
Start by saying the stereotype is demonstrably false. Also, added tags.
revised Can the new testament be a valid historical record on the real life of Jesus?
Several spelling changes and clarifying who is a proponent of the Apocalyptic prophet view.
revised Why did Civil War officers tell their men to “aim low”?
added 1 characters in body
revised Is there any corroborating evidence for the story of Sadrach, Meshach, and Abednego?
Missing word when I rephrases a sentence.