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I’m a 39 year old autodidact, and very proud to be. I'm looking for work right now, but that's normal given my proclivity for accepting contracts. I write, I eat, and I enjoy life with all of the gusto I can. I love language and languages. I occasionally slip and use serial commas, and when I do I often leave them as a flag flying in the face of my enemy, Language Prescriptivism. I’m a native English speaker and I’ve studied both Latin and several Romance Languages that are derived from it. I’ve studied law, language, history, sociology, logic, debate, math and various sciences, because those subjects all fascinate me to no end.

Care to learn more? Visit my blog! <3

revised What was the Julian Calendar aligned to?
Added a link to the winter solstice (I like links :D )
revised What was the Julian Calendar aligned to?
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revised What was the Julian Calendar aligned to?
Removed the reference to the solstice being the day Sol Invictus died altogether, as I've found conflicting research for it.
revised What was the Julian Calendar aligned to?
I can't find an online source for "Noctis", and I'm not going to scan in my copy of Pliny's natural history, and since we don't accept "original" material here I changed my phrasing.
revised Did American Indians disrupt railroads in their regions?
Fixed the text, I used a first person story as a reference and I failed to change it to account for the fact that I am not that author.
revised How was the modern geographic boundary between Europe and Asia decided?
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revised When did navies stop giving out a drink ration to their sailors?
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