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comment What is the basis of Russian criticism of Antony Beevor's work?
Could you please reword this question and expand on what exactly you are asking? It is already garnering votes for closing, and I'm definitely leaning towards doing so. BTW - You should NEVER send site visitors elsewhere to get an understanding of what you are asking. Paraphrase the information in your link at the very least.
comment Italian History from 1870-1913: Why did Italy have such a hard time becoming a Great Power like Germany
I'm sorry, but in it's current state, this question does not fit within our guidelines. As it stands it is subject to being answered by opionion or speculation, rather than fact. I am closing the question, but if you would like to modify it so that it fits better within our guidleines, I'll be happy to consider reopening.
comment How did Nazi Germany finance itself during WW2?
Could you please give us a paraphrase of the "detailed reviews" at the very least? Part of our guidelines is to provide a complete answer rather than sending people off to another location to look for it. Otherwise we will have to closew this answer. Thanks!
comment What was the basis for the Nazis to support various ethnic minorities in the Soviet Union and elsewhere over the majority populations?
I am assuming that none of the Nazis behind these decisions are still alive or willing to provide their reasons. Therefore this question can only be answered with opinion and speculation, which means it does not fit within our guidelines. If you'd like to reword it I will consider reopening.
comment What process have countries followed when creating constitutions?
I reworded the question to make it more relevant, If you feel that the changes take away from your original intention, let me know. Hopefully this revision will be suitable enough to encourage those who downvoted to reconsider.
comment Did Alexander the Great destroy a city to demonstrate his ability to reign?
Good question, and welcome to the site!
comment Did Napoleon ever visit Modern Israel?
Welcome to the site. Could you please fix your link? Also, we tend to prefer more complete answers rather than just sending folks off somewhere else to find it. You can paraphrase from the wiki, but we'd like to see a little more substance.
comment Where can I find information about prior Israel/Gaza conflicts?
Closed for the following reason: "this question will likely solicit debate, arguments, polling, or extended discussion". More specifically the polling portion. Any questions that asks for opinions or a list of any nature does not fit within our guidelines. If you can reword the question I will be happy to consider reopening.
comment Credibility of “Mao: The Unknown Story”
Sorry, but I closed because of the following reason: "this question will likely solicit debate, arguments, polling, or extended discussion". This question, as posted, cannot be answered objectively and without opinion or discussion. If you would like to modify it I will consider reopening.
comment Instances of the UN defusing serious crises
I have modified this question so that it can be answered much more objectively. In addition to this I have removed al the previous comments because of the way they had evolved into a discussion. I would like to suggest that we move forward with this in the modified state and see how the community responds.
comment After the American Civil War, which states had the most problems with rejoining the Union?
I have modified the question to make it more sensible. I hope this will help to get some of the negative votes reversed. Let me know if this does not reflect your intentions.
comment Throughout history, how many wars have there been between Russia and Japan?
I tried to modify the question to make it more complete. Let me know if I missed the mark on what you were trying to ask.
comment Are the Ramayana and Mahabharatha exaggerated stories or pure fiction?
Let's please try to focus the answers on the following question: "Do we have corroborative archaeological evidence to say that they are not pure fiction?" If this turns into a bunch of specualtion and opinion then we will have to close the question.
comment Has the accounting services industry ever been disrupted in the U.S.?
This question is only marginally related to history. On top of that, it seems to be soliciting lists, which is not what we try to do. On top of that, it's pretty broad overall. If you would like to try to modify it, we can keep it here. Otherwise I think I'd be inclined to go along with the votes to close it.
comment Is there any history magazine like “Foreign Policy” for politics?
While it is true that this question does not fit our format, it seems to me that it would be useful to have such information. Because of that, I am going to convert this to a community wiki, which means we can provide answers that are more of a list of recommendations. I also edited it to make it more of a History topic because I feel like that was the intention.
comment How do ideologies tend to fare after the regime upholding them falls apart?
Ros, your question here is way too broad and way too subjective. We strive to have questions that can be clearly answered without speculation, opinion, or discussion. If you can, please modify it to something that meets that criteria. Otherwise we may have to close it.
comment Was the US Navy larger in 1917, and if so, why?
I almost wish I could give you two votes. Very impressive answer!
comment What was the first spy agency?
If you could provide a more specific reference that would be more helpful. As it is, your answer is really too broad.
comment What is the purpose of the bridge to the Russkiy island?
The problem is that there is no way to provide a single, factual answer. One can only speculate on the reasons for why this was built, and that in turn would solicit discussion, opinion, or debate. This question does not fit the SE guidelines.
comment History of the Levant and Israel - 2000 BCE to the bronze age collapse - where to find info?
I am converting this to a community wikki. Since the question si really asking for a list of resources rather than an actual answer to a question, it will fit better as a wikki entry.