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generally doing everything related to c#, including sharepoint, biztalk, infopath, vsto (excel, word), asp.net, winforms, wpf, wcf, sql, xml/xsd/xslt, serialization.

more or less immersed in financial industry these days, especially with the valuation practice (more curves, anyone?)

comment Which arm was the shield held in?
looking at the wall plans of Babylon helps one figure out where the shield would be as well. the steps up the walls were made so as to cause the attackers' shields to face away from the wall, making them vulnerable to the defenders' missile attacks. coincidentally, this also reveals that the predominant shield arm of that era was the left arm.
comment How were shields fastened to soldiers' backs?
your pic fits right in with some of the battle descriptions in the norse sagas (e.g. saga of burnt njal) where a hero often fights two-handed with a spear but is able to manipulate his shield. If the shield was affixed by a strap running around the far shoulder (as your picture depicts), a simple twist of the shoulder or torso would help the fighter deflect a potentially fatal blow and launch a two-handed counterstrike. very illuminating picture!
comment Was democracy present in India before British colonization?
@E1Suave: yeah, I just realized that point too. Ugh!
comment Who is the most ancient Indo-European who is known by name?
There is now, LOL