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comment Which nation on Earth has been under foreign rule the longest?
I think this is an interesting question & should not be closed. We can get all pedantic about 'nation','foreign' etc. but it is clear what Ian is asking & it is an interesting question related to history.
comment Buddha in Ardha-Naarishvara sculpture in Badami Cave temples?
@Lennart - Thanks for your answer. I had a couple of related follow up questions. Do we know for sure that "Bringhi" predates 6th century i.e. is not a mythical story born after the cave temples were built/carved? Why does he look eerily like starving Buddha?
comment How pro-Soviet was India join during the cold war?
Excellent answer! But I have to disagree on your point that USS Enterprise was present & was ready to help India. This Wikipedia article says the exact opposite. "December 11: Liberation of Hilli, Mymenshingh, Kushtia and Noakhali. USS Enterprise is deployed by the USA in the Bay of Bengal to intimidate Indian Navy."
comment Are there romance stories outside western civilization or before western influence?
Care to explain why "not monogamous" make it non-romantic?
comment Mountain flags from Batman Begins
Some darchor flags have long single piece, some have multiple fragments. As an example for ones with a single piece, see here. Also the poles look similar in this image.