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Top new questions this week:

Was there an increased interest in 'the spirit world' in the aftermath of the First World War?

In this excellent answer on Literature Stack Exchange, a quote from Alexander Leggatt's 'William Shakespeare's Macbeth' states: The sense that evil forces are at work in Macbeth may be a product of ...

asked by Kayndarr 10 votes
answered by Lars Bosteen 11 votes

What are the flags in this Yellow Peril Cartoon from Italy?

Can somebody help me to identify the different flags in this Italian Cartoon from 1900?

20th-century china italy racism  
asked by Maya Kirstine Christensen 7 votes
answered by Mark C. Wallace 9 votes

Was Walden Pond ever the primary source for rail transported ice?

In his survey of global railway history, Blood, Iron, and Gold, Christian Wolmar, lists ice among the many surprising commodities transformed by rail transport: Another somewhat bizarre example, ...

transportation railroads  
asked by orome 5 votes
answered by justCal 7 votes

What WW2 German badge is this?

My uncle fought in North Africa, Italy, France and Germany. After he past I found this badge, but don’t know what its for or where it’s from. Can anyone help me figure it out?

ww2-european-theater german  
asked by Michael L 3 votes
answered by Tom Sol 11 votes

Why doesn't Eusebius of Caesarea mention Julian calendar in his Chronicle?

Why doesn't Eusebius of Caesarea even mention the Julian calendar in his Chronicle? Chronicle by Eusebius of Caesarea covers period till A.D. 325. Armenian translation of Chronicle ends with the ...

catholic-church calendar julius-caesar chronology  
asked by zer0hedge 2 votes

What media did Irenaeus used to write his letters?

Eusebius of Caesarea (AD 260/265 – 339/340) in his work Church History (Book V, Chapter 20 "The Writings of Irenaeus against the Schismatics at Rome") said: Irenaeus wrote several letters ...

ancient-history catholic-church church chronology  
asked by zer0hedge 2 votes
answered by Luke Sawczak 11 votes

What mining feature is this?

In a former lead mining region of Derbyshire (Just North of Wirksworth) there's this bank of earth running across the side of a hill, with a small "valley" alongside it: It's about 15-20m ...

england archaeology  
asked by samerivertwice 2 votes
answered by Jean Marie Becker 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why did Roosevelt and Churchill use voice-based telecommunication, instead of simpler text-based options which were easier to encrypt?

Roosevelt and Churchill used an extremely sophisticated telephone encryption system, SIGSALY, to communicate during WWII. In fact, they did not use it all the time because apparently it changed the ...

world-war-two communication churchill cryptology secrecy  
asked by J Fabian Meier 33 votes
answered by Fred 71 votes

Why did Mexico encourage the settlement of Texas by Americans?

Beginning in the 1820's, Mexico encouraged Americans (such as Moses and Stephen Austin) to settle in their territory of Texas. It was this that led to Texas becoming independent of Mexico—something ...

united-states north-america mexico texas  
asked by George A. Solodun 28 votes
answered by George A. Solodun 29 votes

Why didn't Germany blockade the Strait of Gibraltar during WW2?

The Strait of Gibraltar, at its narrowest point, is about 14 km wide. Why didn't Germany blockade it during WW2? It seems to me that only a handful of submarines and destroyers could do the job. Wasn'...

world-war-two nazi-germany warfare ww2-european-theater  
asked by DrZ214 91 votes
answered by Schwern 223 votes

What events led to the fall of the Zhou Dynasty during the Warring States period?

The title above is fairly broad, so more specifically, what specific events led to the Warring States period experienced towards the end of the Western Zhou Dynasty in ancient China? As the lineage ...

china political-history ancient-china  
asked by Sorcerer Blob 20 votes
answered by lins314159 14 votes

What impact did the Seven Years War have on the American Revolution?

What impact did the Seven Years War have on the American Revolution?

british-empire 18th-century britain american-revolution  
asked by Mark C. Wallace 10 votes
answered by Tom Au 11 votes

When did Canada become truly independent?

I see that Canada became independent in 1867. But someone told me it wasn't truly independent until the 1980s. Is that true? In what sense is it true? I don't see anything about it in that article or ...

british-empire canada decolonization  
asked by canada 35 votes
answered by sempaiscuba 47 votes

What was Muhammad's religion before becoming a Muslim prophet?

According to this question, the predominant religion in Arabia before Islam was some kind of polytheism. While according to Muhammad's Wikipedia page, According to Muslim tradition, Muhammad ...

religion islam arabia muhammad  
asked by Louis Rhys 25 votes
answered by NL7 18 votes

Can you answer these questions?

How did scholarly education work in Song dynasty China?

In Song dynasty China, the Imperial Examinations were held to determine who would become the new government leaders to replace the older hereditary system of power. According to several sources, any ...

education medieval-china  
asked by Galactic 1 vote

How often were slaves raised by their parents in 19th century USA?

American slave owners wanted their slaves to have children, but they didn't always allow their slaves to marry, and often sold families piecemeal. About what percentage of slaves were raised by both ...

united-states slavery  
asked by Dan R. 2 votes

How could England's sporting links with South Africa help reduce apartheid?

All boldenings are mine – what were supporting evidence? I'm befuddled because boycotting South Africa under apartheid was the default and more intuitive standpoint. In Wheeler v. Leicester City ...

sports apartheid  
asked by Co Didact 1 vote
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