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Top new questions this week:

Which battle was the most lopsided result in terms of casualties?

I have recently read about two ancient battles that were won by a much smaller army and/or lead to very different casualties: Defeat of Boudica - according to Roman accounts only 400 Romans died as ...

battle records  
asked by Alexei 31 votes
answered by Semaphore 53 votes

What was meant by the protest sign "Bundestag nach Berlin"?

The recent article "The Fall of the Berlin Wall in Photos: An Accident of History That Changed The World" included this image: captioned, "A mass demonstration against construction of the Berlin ...

germany cold-war berlin-wall  
asked by DaveInCaz 18 votes
answered by LаngLаngС 15 votes

Where on a modern map are these areas of Ptolemy's map?

This is a 15th century representation of Ptolemy's map depicting the 'known world' back then based on his work 'Geography'. I would like to know where the area I enclosed in red is bounded by as per ...

asked by Jonah Elbert 16 votes
answered by Pieter Geerkens 18 votes

Were any works completely lost during the Nazi book burnings?

When the Nazis rose to power, they began a campaign of burning books deemed incompatible with the Nazi ideology. During these book burnings, were there any works that were completely lost? By ...

20th-century nazi-germany germany book  
asked by user73910 5 votes
answered by mart 11 votes

Has there ever been a society that viewed prostitution as a prestigious vocation?

Prostitutes today are not generally viewed with respect - certainly many (most?) people would be rather offended if someone suggested they become a prostitute, or if their children choose to become ...

sexuality prostitution  
asked by Allure 4 votes
answered by JMS 1 vote

When and why did round coins become a practical standard?

In the world today many countries (probably most if not all, but I don't have a reference) use round coins. It's clear that some coins of ancient times were not round, as can be seen here. At which ...

money numismatics  
asked by Michael Stachowsky 4 votes
answered by Fruit Monster 6 votes

How much (area) territory did Chinese dynasties control?

I am looking for the area of the territories controlled by the different Chinese dynasties since Zhou all the way to the Qing. There are maps available of the different territories but I haven't found ...

china ancient-china maps medieval-china  
asked by Sebby 4 votes
answered by MAGolding 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What impact did the Seven Years War have on the American Revolution?

What impact did the Seven Years War have on the American Revolution?

british-empire 18th-century britain american-revolution  
asked by Mark C. Wallace 11 votes
answered by Tom Au 11 votes

When did "&" stop being taught alongside the alphabet?

I've recently discovered that "&" was taught alongside the alphabet letters. While not being considered a letter per se, many students must have seen '&' as effectively the 27th letter of the ...

language education  
asked by SC for reinstatement of Monica 44 votes
answered by LаngLаngС 45 votes

What should I call bands of armed men in the Middle Ages?

I am writing a fiction short story roughly based off medieval times in Europe. In it I have a group of men who live in a castle and fight for the castle's lord. (They mainly protect the surrounding ...

middle-ages europe  
asked by user613 17 votes
answered by Pieter Geerkens 37 votes

Did Rothschild say this famous quote? If yes, what did he mean by it?

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws" — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild This prominent international banker is commonly quoted this. First, did he actually say ...

quotes banking  
asked by 1973 34 votes
answered by coleopterist 37 votes

How did Nazi Germany finance itself during WW2?

How did Nazi Germany finance itself during the war? They produced a large amount of war material during 1939-1945, but how was this production financed? What were Germany's revenue streams that ...

world-war-two economy nazi-germany  
asked by David Pointer 59 votes
answered by Anixx 38 votes

Why did the Confederacy think they could win the American Civil War?

The early Confederacy (The 7 founding states) attacked Fort Sumter in April 1861, starting the American Civil War. The Confederacy knew this would lead to war with the Union, yet they seemed to be ...

united-states american-civil-war confederacy  
asked by Robert Tausig 95 votes
answered by Lars Bosteen 125 votes

What did Germany do after World War II to recover so successfully that it became more prosperous than its WW2 victors?

Germany lost in World War II. Being the loser, its economy started at a disadvantage compared to her World War II victors in the aftermath of WW2. However, Germany managed to recover more ...

20th-century world-war-two economy germany  
asked by curious 22 votes
answered by Lennart Regebro 21 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Is The King (2019) historically realistic?

The King (2019) by Netflix is about king Henry V. A few aspects of the movie struck me as either unbelievable, or contradicting what little even I know about history. In no particular order: The ...

military middle-ages war england france  
asked by MaxB 3 votes

What is the meaning of the hand gesture performed by King James II in the portrait by Peter Lely?

This portrait by Peter Lely is one of the most well-known images of James II of England (aka James VII of Scotland). It is used to illustrate his Wikipedia article. Is there some meaning behind the ...

england art 17th-century monarchy painting  
asked by sjy 1 vote

Book (and/or podcast) recommendations for providing a historical & cultural context for Sichuan?

A couple friends and I plan on taking a tour in the southwestern region of China, specifically Sichuan & Yunan, around spring of next year. I find that it always makes the trip more engaging and ...

china book ancient-china travel medieval-china  
asked by Jethro Cao 1 vote
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