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What would have kept Clement V from instigating a popular revolt against Philip V?

I am reading this book, "Trial of the Templars" by Malcolm Barber. I am not a historian, so I do not know to what extent Barber's thesis is right - that the Templars were arrested because ...

middle-ages france catholic-church crusades templars  
user avatar asked by Frank Booth Score of 5
user avatar answered by Roger V. Score of 11

How was the size of the stars on the American flag decided?

Here's what I know so far: Until 1912, there was no precise definition of the American flag, with the layout of the stars and exact dimensions of the components not officially defined. This changed ...

united-states flags  
user avatar asked by user1454156 Score of 4
user avatar answered by Barry Score of 2

How to interpret this Swedish military uniform(circa 1895)?

We recently found a picture of my G.Grandfather Sandstrom (on the right) at approx. 20 years of age in what I believe to be a Swedish Cavalry uniform circa 1895. There is a 6 on the side of his shako ...

identification uniform sweden  
user avatar asked by The Wldhrse Score of 3

Are there data/sources on the usage of Swiss German before/after WWII?

Today remarkably across German-speaking countries Switzerland keeps a very high level of usage of dialects other than Standard High German (SHG). Although non SHG-dialects are also commonplace in ...

world-war-two language switzerland swiss  
user avatar asked by embedded_dev Score of 3

Where can I find a detailed map of the Landgraviate of Hesse-Rotenburg as it existed in 1648?

Where online can I find a map of the Landgraviate of Hesse-Rotenburg (aka the 'Rotenburger Quart') as it existed between 1648 (ie, after the Peace of Westphalia) and 1658 (when Hermann IV von Hessen-...

germany maps  
user avatar asked by BrianFreud Score of 2
user avatar answered by ccprog Score of 6

What artifacts has the British Museum returned to their home countries?

I was looking online for what countries the British Museum has returned items to. However I cannot find any sources that give a comprehensive list. Where can I find this information?

historiography imperialism  
user avatar asked by yolo Score of 2
user avatar answered by MCW Score of 4

Was coal exported to colonial America before 1701 via collier?

According to Wikipedia, commercial coal production occurred in North America for the first time in 1701. To meet early colonial (pre-1701) needs for coal (blacksmithing and gunpowder for instance), ...

colonial-america age-of-sail  
user avatar asked by Jessie Kirk Score of 2
user avatar answered by Brian Z Score of 7

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How severe were the casualties in ancient/medieval battles?

I've heard that in most battles prior to the introduction of gunpowder weapons, the casualties were usually very low (around 5% even in long battles) prior to the moment when someone's formation was ...

military ancient-history middle-ages warfare  
user avatar asked by Pavel Score of 40
user avatar answered by Athanasios Kataras Score of 14

Jodhaa Bai as Emperor Akbar's wife?

Was Jodhaa bai the elder daughter of Rajput King Bharmal actually emperor Akbar's wife ?? Various texts refer to her as Mariam and Jahangir's mother, the successor of Akbar. Well, The Jahangirnama ...

india mughals  
user avatar asked by Annette Black Score of 5
user avatar answered by Lennart Regebro Score of 2

What were the reasons for the Renaissance / scientific revolution in Europe?

One of the common reasons given for the Renaissance and the subsequent scientific revolution is the rediscovery of classical works by scholars in Europe and the social change that the study of those ...

middle-ages europe byzantine-empire science renaissance  
user avatar asked by Opt Score of 63
user avatar answered by Hauser Score of 49

Price of a shot and a bottle of whiskey in 1870s American West

What was the price of a shot and a bottle of whiskey in the American West in 1870s roughly? For the end consumer, in a saloon, not wholesale.

united-states 19th-century alcohol price  
user avatar asked by Anastasia Sitnina Score of 7
user avatar answered by Tyler Durden Score of 2

Has NATO ever started a war?

From my reading it appears to me that NATO has never initiated a war but only reacted to conflicts already happening? Is this interpretation correct? I find it important to answer as many pro-russian ...

war nato  
user avatar asked by CuriousIndeed Score of 53
user avatar answered by Allure Score of 104

Did the Romans ever encounter the Vikings?

Did the Romans ever scout Scandinavia for possible conquest? Or was trade ever done between them?

roman-empire vikings  
user avatar asked by turinsbane Score of 12
user avatar answered by MAGolding Score of 45

How did Native Americans refer to themselves in the 19th century?

Here's a specific sentence from Fannie Kelly's book whose title is Narrative of my Captivity Among the Sioux Indians, published in 1871: on being told of two big oceans, they would ask if the whites ...

user avatar asked by bobsmith76 Score of 30
user avatar answered by T.E.D. Score of 54

Can you answer this question?

What is the source for the statement that red hands were used as a symbol of protest against the Vietnam War?

I have read that the red hand, or rather hands painted with red color, have been used as a symbol of protests against the Vietnam War: During the Vietnam era, it was a symbol calling for strikes ...

vietnam-war symbols protests  
user avatar asked by C4X Score of 1
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