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Top new questions this week:

Why were so many more Jewish men than Jewish women killed during the Holocaust?

On the Wikipedia page Jewish Women in the Holocaust, it says: Of the estimated six million Jews who were killed1 during the Holocaust, 2 million of them were women.2 Conversely, this means that ...

asked by Kornja 55 votes
answered by Lars Bosteen 85 votes

Who is depicted in this Soleimani propaganda image?

While reading news and analytics about Soleimani and the fuss his death made, there is a teaser image, where I cannot identify the shown persons. The news is in German, which can be found on ...

identification iran  
asked by Semo 21 votes
answered by LаngLаngС 41 votes

Can anyone identify the regiment and rank from this WWI photograph?

I am trying to identify the person in this WWI era photograph. I believe it may be my great great uncle John Hunt Marshall born Dec 29 1893 in Motherwell, Scotland. He graduated with a BSc from the ...

world-war-one identification britain uniform scotland  
asked by samleighton87 16 votes
answered by John Dallman 23 votes

Is there a historical source that might explain why so many countries use 35 as a minimum age for the president / the highest office person?

Reading the list of presidential qualifications by country I have noticed that in many countries the minimum required age is 35 (some countries raise it to 40). I am wondering if there is any ...

political-history sources  
asked by Alexei 13 votes
answered by Fruit Monster 15 votes

How much power and influence could a child monarch have?

As I understand, if a monarch died before his heir reached adulthood, the heir would still become a king or queen regardless of age, but the country would be temporarily governed by a regent. I want ...

middle-ages monarchy children european  
asked by uniart888 10 votes
answered by Mark C. Wallace 14 votes

How have African countries kept the boundaries divided by colonists and countries unified for decades, despite the many ethnical groups and conflicts?

How have sub-Saharan African countries generally kept the boundaries divided by the previous colonists and kept countries unified for decades, despite the many ethnical groups and conflicts between ...

asked by wodemingzi 5 votes
answered by Lars Bosteen 3 votes

Did any relatives of Fritz Haber (the inventor of poison gas) die in the gas chambers?

I am sorry if this seems a ghoulish question. However, German scientist Fritz Haber (1860-1934), winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry and co-inventor of the Haber-Bosch process to make nitrates ...

world-war-two germany holocaust  
asked by Timothy 5 votes
answered by LаngLаngС 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Did Adolf Hitler ever address the fact that his own appearance was almost an exact opposite of what he considered the ideal Aryan appearance?

Hitler's ideal Aryan / Nordic appearance was: tall, blond, blue eyed, broad shouldered. Hitler's own appearance was: short, dark haired, brown eyed, slight and slumpy shoulders. And most of the Nazi ...

hitler racism nazism  
asked by Joe C 95 votes
answered by LаngLаngС 106 votes

Why couldn't soldiers sight their own weapons without officers' orders?

The 4th bullet here contends Gen. Joubert viewed the aftermath of the battle and noted that the British rifles were sighted at 400-600 yards when the battle raged at about 50-100 yards, as the ...

asked by Greek - Area 51 Proposal 48 votes
answered by krb 35 votes

Why didn't the US choose to demolish Tokyo with an atom bomb?

Tokyo was Japan's capital. Why didn't the US choose Tokyo to demolish with Atom Bomb? Bonus Question: What factors decided to bring Hiroshima and Nagasaki on table?

united-states world-war-two japan nuclear-weapons  
asked by Time Portal 39 votes
answered by American Luke 40 votes

What other countries besides the US participated in keeping African slaves?

The question is pretty much in the title, but I am really seeking countries which kept slaves around the same time the US did, and where it was just as prominent in said country as it was in the US.

asked by Steve D 17 votes
answered by none 23 votes

Why did Italy abandon its alliance with Germany in WW1 and join the Allied side?

Before WW1 Italy was part of an alliance with Germany and Austria-Hungary, yet it didn't join them when the war started and it even joined the Allied side later during the war. Why did Italy do this? ...

20th-century germany world-war-one international-relations italy  
asked by Louis Rhys 34 votes
answered by Tom Au 51 votes

Did it take 3 minutes to reload a musket when the second amendment to the US constitution was ratified?

The NPR News podcast and video Beto O'Rourke Wants To Ban, Confiscate Some Guns. Texas Voters Want Details (about 6.5 minutes long) contains the following assertion by Congressman O'Rourke: In ...

weapons us-constitution  
asked by uhoh 53 votes
answered by sempaiscuba 108 votes

Why did the United States not resort to nuclear weapons in Vietnam?

Before getting into this note that I am NOT saying this would have been a good idea, nor am I advocating this as being a correct approach, not at all, it would surely have been horrific and very hard ...

nuclear-weapons vietnam-war  
asked by Duke Leto 34 votes
answered by Lars Bosteen 38 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Why is Jiagedaqi part of Heilongjiang despite being inside Inner Mongolia?

Why is the Jiagedaqi (or Jagdaqi) District under the jurisdiction of Heilongjiang Province when it lies entirely within Inner Mongolia? What is the history of this arrangement?

asked by Step Start 1 vote

How did Adam Worth make sure his crooks didn't keep what they stole?

I'm currently reading through the The Life and Times of Adam Worth and as much as I'm fascinated by Adam Worth and his mastermind for 19th century crime, there is one thing that the book fails to ...

united-states europe 19th-century social-history organised-crime  
asked by Frazic 2 votes

Which ancient Indian texts refer to megaliths?

From Alain Daniélou, Gods of Love and Ecstasy: The Traditions of Shiva and Dionysus, p. 59: [...] the megaliths found in England, Brittany, Corsica, and all over the world, from India to the ...

ancient-india monument megaliths  
asked by Tomas By 3 votes
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