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Top new questions this week:

How and why was the boundary between West and East Berlin decided to be where it was?

I have been trying to find detailed explanations (and, if available, references in English or German about it) to the following about the division of Berlin into West and East sides after WW2: how ...

world-war-two germany cultural-history cold-war berlin-wall  
asked by EliasWagner 24 votes
answered by Mark Johnson 25 votes

Where can I find fully translated letters from János Bolyai and Farkas Bolyai?

The mathematicians János Bolyai occupies an interesting place in the history of mathematics for the development of hyperbolic geometry. Certain quotations from letters between him and his father (the ...

19th-century science mathematics hungary primary-source  
asked by Naysh 1 vote
answered by LаngLаngС 2 votes

What were the manpower and gunnery levels of the seven gunboats that assisted Grant at Fort Donelson?

Earlier on, I asked a question about General Grant's "true" force level at Fort Donelson. The argument was that Grant had been assisted by gunboats and gunners that were technically not ...

military american-civil-war  
asked by Tom Au 1 vote
answered by Pieter Geerkens 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Did the Romans ever encounter the Vikings?

Did the Romans ever scout Scandinavia for possible conquest? Or was trade ever done between them?

roman-empire vikings  
asked by turinsbane 12 votes
answered by MAGolding 45 votes

If Bill Clinton was impeached, why did he finish his second term?

I don't understand how he could have been impeached but did not have to leave office.

united-states 20th-century president us-congress  
asked by wkm 14 votes
answered by sealz 39 votes

What fueled the street lights in 13th-century Cordoba?

Córdoba, Spain is often said to have had street lights in its Muslim period, which ended in 1236. How did those street lights work? In Lawrence of Arabia, Prince Faisal was dramatized as having said ...

technology spain islamic-history  
asked by Matt F. 56 votes

What did Germany do after World War II to recover so successfully that it became more prosperous than its WW2 victors?

Germany lost in World War II. Being the loser, its economy started at a disadvantage compared to her World War II victors in the aftermath of WW2. However, Germany managed to recover more ...

20th-century world-war-two economy germany  
asked by curious 23 votes
answered by Lennart Regebro 25 votes

Why were Spain and Portugal neutral / not invaded in WWII?

Why weren't Spain and Portugal involved in World War II with either side? Was not Franco sympathetic with the Axis powers given the help they offered during the civil war? Also, given their strategic ...

world-war-two spain portugal  
asked by The Byzantine 53 votes
answered by Oscar Foley 58 votes

What is the truth behind this speech by (Lord Macaulay)?

Was this speech was delivered by Macaulay in British parliament? Got many articles saying that this speech was not delivered by Macaulay. Is it true? What are the facts behind this speech? I have ...

political-history india united-kingdom quotes  
asked by AskingStory 18 votes
answered by T.E.D. 37 votes

Why was 19th-century Japan able to modernize and not China?

At the start of the 19th century, Asian countries had militaries less effective than Western nations. In 1853, the US Navy forced Japan to enter into trade with the United States. The Japanese ...

19th-century japan china modernisation  
asked by curious 17 votes
answered by LateralFractal 14 votes
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