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Top new questions this week:

Is there any instance of part of a country successfully seceding and then unifying with a neighbouring country in the last century?

There have been and still are plenty of groups who are fighting for independence of their home regions, and many who have been successful, but is there any precedent for groups fighting to leave the ...

20th-century modern border  
asked by Alister Sinclair Score of 16
answered by Luiz Score of 17

How did the First Emperor of Qin "burn the books" prior to the invention of paper?

The first emperor of China, Qin Shihuang, is recorded as burning books (among other things). At the same time, the invention of paper is generally ascribed to the Han Dynasty, i.e., the dynasty after ...

china ancient-china  
asked by Rebecca J. Stones Score of 14
answered by Jan Score of 24

What is the evidence that Galerius raised Severus II to the rank of Augustus?

It is widely reported that Severus II was made Augustus by Galerius. But Zosimus in Historia Nova reports: "Maximianus Gallerius, when he had learned this, sent Severus Caesar against Maxentius ...

political-history roman-empire caesar  
asked by Glenn Score of 6
answered by Semaphore Score of 10

What was "primitive labor rent" or "mains mortales"?

In this quote from Hellie, R. (1971) Enserfment and military change in Muscovy, Chicago, USA, page 14 ( B. D. Grekov, in periodizing peasant history, offered the following three forms of ...

middle-ages russia  
asked by user24096 Score of 5
answered by Martin Score of 4

Why did the Targowica Confederation not realise its armed opposition to the May Constitution of 1791 would result in the entire annexation of Poland?

Poland-Lithuania was one of the great powers of continental Europe after the treaty of Lublin in 1569. But after the rise of Russia as a great power after its defeat of the Swedish Empire it became ...

russian-empire targowica-confederation democratic-reform poland-lithuania may-constitution  
asked by Mozibur Ullah Score of 4
answered by Danila Smirnov Score of 10

Who is the "celebrated author" of this quote?

"We who are only the people will not cease to tell Kings, or Governments, that to them alone wars are profitable: that the true and just conquests are those which each makes at home, by ...

asked by Christina Eastwood Score of 3

Did Deng Xiaoping really break his leg playing billiards?

I am reading the biography of Deng Xiaoping by Ezra Vogel. In the biography, it mentions that Deng Xiaoping once broke his leg playing billiards. I personally find that highly unlikely. Billiards is ...

20th-century china mao-zedong deng-xiaoping  
asked by Shep Bryan Score of 2

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Were there Samurai equivalents in Korea or China?

Considering that the Samurai class had its distant roots in Chinese political structure, did China or Korea have a similar warrior class?

japan china social-class korea samurai  
asked by coleopterist Score of 13
answered by Pavel Score of 10

Why has the khopesh never been used since ancient Egypt?

The ancient Egyptians used a weapon called the khopesh. It was a curved blade that was excellent for getting around shields and puncturing body parts like kidneys. Why did no other army in the ...

war weapons ancient-egypt  
asked by Orsinus Score of 7
answered by Alberto Yagos Score of 23

Why was Germany held accountable for WW1?

The Treaty of Versailles forced Germany to accept all responsibility for the war. If the war was initially due to the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand by Serbian assassins, why did the Treaty of ...

20th-century germany world-war-one imperial-germany  
asked by user4951 Score of 19
answered by Wladimir Palant Score of 34

What is the truth behind this speech by (Lord Macaulay)?

Was this speech was delivered by Macaulay in British parliament? Got many articles saying that this speech was not delivered by Macaulay. Is it true? What are the facts behind this speech? I have ...

political-history india united-kingdom quotes  
asked by AskingStory Score of 18
answered by T.E.D. Score of 38

Price of a shot and a bottle of whiskey in 1870s American West

What was the price of a shot and a bottle of whiskey in the American West in 1870s roughly? For the end consumer, in a saloon, not wholesale.

united-states 19th-century alcohol price  
asked by Anastasia Sitnina Score of 7
answered by Tyler Durden Score of 2

Why were Albanians the only nation in the Balkans who converted to Islam during the Ottoman occupation?

The Ottoman Empire conquered the Balkans and occupied it for half a millennium. They managed to convert most of the Albanians to Islam, however, all the other nations in the area remained Christian. ...

religion ottoman-empire islamic-history the-balkans albania  
asked by vsz Score of 34
answered by Comintern Score of 23

When did Canada become truly independent?

I see that Canada became independent in 1867. But someone told me it wasn't truly independent until the 1980s. Is that true? In what sense is it true? I don't see anything about it in that article or ...

british-empire canada decolonization  
asked by canada Score of 34
answered by sempaiscuba Score of 48

Can you answer these questions?

How did this Order of the Odd Fellows health insurance plan work in this 1845 newspaper article?

The newspaper in question comes from the Library of Congress's Chronicling America collection, an incredible resource if you are unaware of it. It is a massive online collection of old newspapers. ...

19th-century finance business-history health freemasonry  
asked by Jimmy G. Score of 1

Did William Ward write "An Address At a Meeting of the Society for Political Information held at the Talbot Inn in Derby, July 16th 1792"?

William Ward (1769–1823) the Baptist missionary assistant to William Carey (1761-1834) was a Derby man and, as a youth at any rate, a radical. He is said to have been the author of "An Address At ...

political-history sources  
asked by Christina Eastwood Score of 2
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