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Was Theodoric the Great killed by Justinian?

In a recent Medieval History class my professor made a statement that Theodoric the Great after he signed up with Byzantines was killed on the orders of Justinian I so the Byzantines could take over Italy. With Theodoric removing Odoacer, with the initial blessing of Zeno it seems that maybe he outlived his usefulness, especially if Theodoric was an Arianist. This supposedly happened in Ravenna, or there abouts. I haven't found much on this, or on Theodoric's death (other than he died on Aug 26, 526). Did Justinian I have Theodoric killed at Ravenna? I don't think it was Justinian I himself, since I can't find anything that says he ever vistied Ravenna but it may have been done on his orders.

Anyone have any primary sources that might note where Theodoric died and how he met his end?