What was the political and social hierarchies during the Macedonian empire and after its splitting into multiple states? What freedoms and rights were the people given?

EDIT: This is as specific as I can get it. Please leave a comment if you would prefer that I split this into two questions.

These aren't textbook questions, just me wanting a bit of intuition.

Please provide what you can.


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  • Ah, I see... I thought I was mentioning generic cities that were part of the Alexandrian regime, but apparently I was a bit flawed. Anyway, I know a lot about Hellenistic culture and its consequent integration of the Macedonian empire. I know that Alexander the Great used intelligent military tactics to unify most of Afro-Eurasia and ruled with absolute power (but the peoples rights are still unclear). I know about the slave trade that overtook most of the Mediterranean. I also know about Zeno's Stoicism and its influence on uniting the empire. My main question will be revised.nomorecharacters – louie mcconnell Aug 8 '14 at 6:05
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  • The successors granted land (klerouchoi) to hellens to fight in their phalanxes, later they began recruiting Galatians, Thracians and others as well. They where often settled in the newly founded cities. The Hetairoi where given estates to raise horses on and would be a social and military elite. – Jeroen K Aug 18 '14 at 23:06