Between Persia & India, Alexander had become more ruthless, massacring cities even when they didn't resist.

He always executed any who resisted before Porus/Purushottama.

Why was Porus/Purushottama allowed to live?

  • Well, I guess we can't ask Alexander the Great. In fact, even if we could ask him how could we trust him to tell us the truth? I mean what if Alexander said, "I spared Porus because of X, Y and Z", but what if the real reason was some other reasons, P and Q. How would we know if Alexander was lying to us or not? – Tyler Durden Aug 16 '14 at 19:05
  • Who was Porus? Can you show preliminary research? – Mark C. Wallace Aug 16 '14 at 20:22

Defeating Parvateshwar (Porus) had been a very difficult task. Moreover Sage Dandyayan had told him that it is impossible to win over this country. When asked, Maharaj Parvateshwar told him to behave with him as a king. So he left him.