How was Munich captured in WWII and how much time did it take? For example was it on a scale of three days?

This question is because in one of the war-time German films one character hypotizes that Munich can be captured in no more than three days.


By the time the Allies were set to enter Munich the city was already in shambles. It had been bombed a few times and an air battle occured over the city about a year prior. The city was ruined and was basically easily taken. According to this article a US soldier received his orders to enter Munich early in the morning on April 30th, 1945 and by 2PM he was standing on the central square and by the end of the day the city was for the most part captured (There was a pitched battle the next day at the Munich Airport).

For a more in depth view see the section of the article called "Liberating a semi-deserted city"

All in all this quote from the article sums up the capture of Munich

By the end of the day, Robinow and the US soldiers who followed had almost completely taken Munich. Some shots were fired shortly after occupying the city center - and a pitched battle was fought the next day at the Munich airport - but for the most part, Robinow says, the city was left undefended. He finished the day in a villa he and his men liberated along with a full wet bar.

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