This is mentioned on Wiki's page about the Sassanid dynasty

Yazdegerd I's successor was his son Bahram V (421–438), one of the most well-known Sassanid kings and the hero of many myths. Bahram V's mother was Soshandukht (or Shushandukht), the daughter of the Jewish Exilarch.

Is there any information about her or her father on a personal or national level? Jewish and nonjewish sources welcome. Wikipedia has only a stub containing very little detail.

I have found that she is said to have settled a colony of Jews in the suburb of Yahūdiyyeh.

  • "she is said to have" - Please update the question to include a citation - possibly Britannica "In the 5th century Queen Shushan-Dukht, the Jewish consort of Yazdegerd I (reigned 399–420), is said to have settled a colony of Jews nearby in Yahūdiyyeh (literally “town of the Jews”). " Otherwise interesting question. Thank you.
    – MCW
    Oct 31 '19 at 8:25

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