In 1800-1820, what sort of ferry boats were used by the general public in England and how were they powered? In particular I am interested in ferries used to access the Isle of Wight, and also whatever boats were used to cross the English Channel to France.

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There are web sites that discuss the history of Channel ferries.

Paddle steamers made their appearance in the early 1800s:

Bell steam boat

Of course, every kind of boat could be used as a ferry, even small foot powered paddle boats. The 1827 scene below is from the United States, but the same kind of boats were used in the English channel:

steam and sail


I'm not sure about the Isle of Wight, but for the River Mersey refer to... http://www.lyricsfreak.com/s/stanley+holloway/runcorn+ferry_20307672.html

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