I currently have in mind: Korean war, which was kind of a part of the cold war, dragging the UN in, proving to an extent effective since communism was contained in Korea. (despite MacArthur's moves). The Congo civil war of 1960s, which I think was to an extent also an effective move of the UN. And finally Vietnam, which was invaded by the US and the UN had nothing to do with it.

Any other suggestions?

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The UN(United Nations) is a "upgraded version" of what U.S. president Woodrow Wilson and his 14 points had established after the first world war, the: League of Nations, that was expected to keep the peace, and obviously failed. That being said the role of UN was again to keep the peace. The Cold War had a greater impact on the UN since the former allies split in two ideological (communism and democracy) and military (NATO and the Warsaw pact) groups and could possibly materialize in a physical conflict (thing that happens at a small scale as you enumerate). A critical moment: when Nikita Hrusciov Soviet leader was bridging nuclear weapons in newly formed Cuba, ruled by Fidel Castro's communist regime, known as the Cuban Crisis. The UN's success time was also under U.S president J.F. Kennedy(Hrusciov's homologous) and mostly under the fall of the iron curtain.

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