Where did the Sunni Muslim dynasty assert authority?


The Jahangiris (1190-1520), a Tajik dynasty, were the original Sultans of Swat.* They ruled in parts of modern Afghanistan and Pakistan.

From The Glossary of the Tribes and Castes of the Punjab:

A dynasty of Sultans who, according to Raverty, once ruled from Nangrahar to the Jhelum but, by the time the Kheshi Pathans overran Swat, their sway did not extend far beyond the Indus on the east . . . They claim descent from Alexander the Great. The Jahangiri also appears to survive as a sept of the Gibari.

Sultan Awes, the last Sultan of Swat, was expelled from this territory along with his Tajik subjects. They settled near the source of the Oxus River, where they ruled for several more generations "as far as the frontier of Badakhshan."

Wikipedia has little on this particular dynasty, but a few details may be found in this article on Sikandar Butshikan:

His cousins were ruling the area from Kabul to Sind (Indus). They had been ruling Kabul lagmant and Swat in 1190–1520, are known as Jahangiri dynasty in history.

When Babur invaded Bajaur in 1518, the defender was a Jahangirian Sultan.

* Okay, I don't know if they were the original, but they were older than Babe Ruth.

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