I have heard from some scholars that Napoleon was actually average sized. The only reason everyone thinks he is short is because of the difference in English inches and French inches. Is this true?

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Napolean's height, measured after his death, was 5 feet, 6 inches and 22/45ths of an inch. (The Table Talk and Opinions of Napoleon Buonaparte, 1870).

Napolean, nicknamed in France as the "Little Corporal", was routinely caricatured by British cartoonists as short:


Years later, Hitler got the same treatment.

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    this doesn't actually answer his question at all, since hes asking if their was a misrepresentation of his height due to measurement issues. please update with the relative conversions that could cause this confusion as to the OP request.
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    The confusion and misrepresentation of Napoleon's height can be attributed to a combination of the following: Napoleon's height was stated to be 5'2 inches. The inches were French rather than British. When converted, it would have been equivalent to 5 feet and 7 British inches which is a respectable height. history.stackexchange.com/questions/5519/…
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