So far I've found a few stories about Poland's involvement in the Vietnam War:

Maybe you know any others?

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Mostly to supervise the enforcement of ceasefire and peace terms.

Polish involvement began in 1954 as a member of the International Commission of Control, together with Canada and India. That entity was setup at the conclusion of the First Indochina War to monitor the peace agreement. It was a general failure all around, resulting in the Second Indochina War when the United States eventually intervened in force.

The United Sates in turn began to disengage from Vietnam after 1973. The agreement dissolved the ICC and replaced it with the International Commission of Control and Supervision, of which Poland was once again a member. As before, the commission was tasked with monitoring the implementation of the peace agreement, which similarly failed.

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  • @MarianPaździoch They also made some abortive attempts to broker peace. But the major notable activities were supervising the ceasefire, as described above.
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