A couple of years back I read a Wikipedia article about a UK special forces mission. After a series of bad decisions, most of the crew got killed. I would like to be able to give these events as an example for severe tactical mistakes. However, I do not remember the details of the actual mission.

I seem to recall that the mission went something along these lines:

  1. Helicopter insertion.
  2. Radio turns out not to work, as no one checked the equipment before departure.
  3. First bad decision: do not take motor vehicles, but proceed on foot, despite very heavy equipment(~100 kg per person).
  4. Encounter with a shepherd. Overreaction.
  5. Encounter with a bulldozer. Overreaction.

After the last incident they are spotted and begin to flee the country. However, the group separates into two separate groups, and I think only two men survive. I believe there is also a book that was written by one of the survivors.

Does anyone know where I can find information on this mission or perhaps the name of the survivor(s) and the book that was written as a result?



A British SAS mission during the First Gulf War and involved:

  • Insertion by Helicopter
  • Malfunctioning Radios
  • Discovery by a Shepherd
  • Encounter with a bulldozer
  • All but one member killed or captured by enemy

The wiki page lists quite a few details regarding the mission and also gives details on multiple books written on the topic.

  • I just read a book on this, but I couldn't remember the name! Great answer by the way.
    – Russell
    Apr 10 '13 at 7:50

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