The Katyn Massacre refers to a series of mass executions of Polish prisoners by Soviet authorities during WW2. The number of victims is estimated to be over 22,000. How can I go about finding the names of all known Katyn Massacre victims?

Is there compilation of names that is regarded to be the most complete, and would such lists be available electronically?

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    Requests for primary sources and data sources such as this are often treated better than requests for secondary sources. (Rightfully so, I think, since this site is ostensibly meant to help historians do history research.)
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    As recognized, the choice in asking for a "most complete" or "best" list was deliberate. I would be shocked and amazed if they even recorded everything - and more so if it all persists to this day. New lists can and may emerge. Philosophically speaking, though, what we know about the past is subject to change based on new evidence. Not to sound too extreme, but every question about history is implicitly asking for an answer based on the best available information we have today. Many things are cut-and-dry, but non-source answers are also subject to change. I will make this comment on meta.
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So far, I have discovered these (which I believe are compiled from the same sources):


Some Polish sources:


  1. http://www.osrp1939.policja.katowice.pl/Lista_Katyn-Pamietamy.pdf - "The list of people murdered in Katyń, Charkov, Tver, Mednoye, promoted posthumously"
  2. http://www.katedrapolowa.pl/ofiary.php - "Polish army officers and policemen murdered by NKVD and buried in Katyń, Mednoye and Charkov, also citizens of the RP [Republic of Poland] from so-called Ukrainian Katyń List"
  3. http://www.ogrodywspomnien.pl/index/historia,2,Katyn
  4. https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kategoria:%C5%BBo%C5%82nierze_Wojska_Polskiego_zamordowani_w_Katyniu - Wikipedia category (probably incomplete) "Polish army officers murdered in Katyń"

Printed (titles from Polish Wikipedia, to be verified)

  1. Katyń, lista ofiar i zaginionych jeńców, Kozielsk, Ostaszków, Starobielsk, wstęp i oprac. A.L. Szcześniak, Warszawa 1989. ISBN 83-7001-294-9. [Katyń, list of victims and missing POWs, Kozielsk, Ostaszków, Starobielsk]
  2. Lista katyńska, jeńcy obozów: Kozielsk, Ostaszków, Starobielsk, opr. A. Moszyński, Warszawa 1989. ISBN 83-85028-81-1 [Katyń list, POWs of camps: ...]
  3. Rozstrzelani w Katyniu: alfabetyczny spis 4410 jeńców polskich z Kozielska rozstrzelanych w kwietniu – maju 1940 r., według źródeł sowieckich, polskich i niemieckich, red. M. Skrzyńska-Pławińska, Warszawa 1995. ISBN 83-86713-11-9.[Shot in Katyń: alphabetic index of 4410 Polish POWs from Kozielsk, shot in April-May 1940, by Soviet, Polish and German sources]
  4. J. Tucholski: Mord w Katyniu. Kozielsk, Ostaszków, Starobielsk: lista ofiar, Warszawa 1991. ISBN 83-211-1408-3. [Katyń murder. Kozielsk, Ostaszków, Starobielsk: list of victims]
  • Your 3rd online source includes names I did not find in other electronic sources. I am currently affiliated with a university and will try to locate the those texts if I can.
    – zje
    Jul 29, 2015 at 14:29
  • You can try searching by Polish term "lista zamordowanych w Katyniu" or "pomordowanych" instead of "zamordowanych" (both words mean "murdered", however "pomordowanych" is more common in this context - the difference is that "pomordowanych" is referring rather to a mass kill). I did this query, however other pages lead to first three sources. If possible, try finding paper sources
    – Voitcus
    Jul 29, 2015 at 18:57

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