Based on the data I have been able to piece together, I have found the following 3 names:

  • Khingila, reigned from the mid 5th century. Established the Hephtalite dynasty.
  • Toramana, reigned end of 5th/early 6th century. Son of Khingila.
  • Mihirakula, reigned 502-530. Son of Toramana.

What are the names of the kings who reigned after Mihirakula? In particular, what is the name of the Hephtalite king who was defeated by the Turco-Sassanian alliance in the 550s? By the way, were there one or several Hephtalite kings at that time?

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I can give you one more name for your list. The king defeated by the Turco-Sassanian alliance was Khushnavaz. Probably. The Timeline seems disputed however.

Reading details on the Sassinid leader at the time, Khosrow I led to this passage:

According to the medieval Arab historian al-Masudi, Khosrow had before this event campaigned deeply in Hephthalite territory, where he killed their king Khushnavaz (also known as Akhshunvar or Akhshunwar) at Khuttal.

This, according to the above article, takes place between the formation of the alliance in 557, and another invasion of the Hephthalites In 562 by Khosrow II.

However, the entry for Khushnavaz seems to tell a different story, placing his reign much earlier:

According to Ferdowsi, some time before 488 Khushnavaz had been succeeded by another king, whose name is unknown.

So the name probably belongs, but a little more research may be required to place him correctly.

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