What primary sources are there for Charles the First's 1640 seizure of gold from the Tower mint?

Wikipedia is a tertiary source.

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    For a primary source, you might want to try the UK National Archives which contains the record books of the Royal Mint.
    – Steve Bird
    Nov 29, 2015 at 21:39

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You might consult

  • Challis, C. E., ed. 1992. A New History of the Royal Mint.; or,
  • Craig, J. 1953. The Mint: A History of the London Mint from A.D. 287 to 1948.

The Quarterly Journal of Economics (available from the unciteable Google Books) cites the following primary sources:

  1. Burnet's History of my own time and
  2. Rushworth's Historical Collections
  3. and Annals of the Coinage by Ruding, Rogers

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