I am currently reading The Cheese and the Worms, in which the author (Carlo Ginzburg) frequently cites a works of the apocryphal gospels titled Il Fioretto della Bibbia, an Italian translation of a medieval Catalan chronicle compiled from various sources.

Are any surviving (English) translations of this works in circulation? I have tried searching for this title but most results are in Italian so it might have escaped me.

The original works was presumably written in Catalan, but since I do not know how this title is translated into English (The Sword of the Bible perhaps?), let alone Medieval Catalan, I haven't had much success in my search for the original either.

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As far as I can tell there are no English translations of this work, but here are links to 3 copies (housed in Italian collections):

And one in Barcelona:

According to this site and this book, "Fioretto della Bibbia" was also published under the name "Fiore novello":

Another book connected with the success of biblical translations was Fiore novello or Fioretto della Bibbia, a chronicle of antiquity which blended scriptural information with elements of profane history and even pagan mythology. A work as interesting as it has been little studied, and one which certainly existed in a variety of versions, the book enjoyed great success, both in manuscript and print.

Under this name I found this (Fiore novello estratto dalla Bibbia):

This directory contains a number of listings of copies of this work, their publication date, and the institutions that held them (as of 1983):

And this one:

Additionally, there is this work from the collection:

I fatti di Giuseppe brano cavato dal Fioretto della Bibbia [a cura di Pietro Ferrato], Stabil. Tip. dei Fratelli Salmin alla Minerva

Whose full text is available here:

The description of this work seems to claim that "codex Magliabechiano IV, 107" contains the "Fioretto della Bibbia":


Prima pubblicazione a stampa di una novella di ambientazione orientale rinvenuta dal curatore Francesco Zambrini nel codice Magliabechiano IV, 107 contenente il Fioretto della Bibbia. Esemplare n. 1 di una tiratura non specificata, su carta distinta.

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