Ruminawi was not eligible for the throne although being son of Wayna Capac and queen (of Pillaro) Choazanguil (source).

Atahualpa was his half-brother, same father Wayna Capac, but by mother had princess (of Quito) Paccha Duchicela.

Both seem to have noble lineage mothers. Why was Atahualpa the chosen one instead of Ruminawi when he was first-born? (And sorry: How accurate are those WP articles on the topic?).

Edit: From the source: era hijo bastardo de Huayna Capac y Atahualpa era el legítimo heredero después de Ninan Cuyuchi y Huascar (translated: was bastard son of Huayna Capac and Atahualpa was the legitimate heir after Ninan Cuyuchi and Huascar). It says somehow that due to being bastard son he was not legitimate heir like Atahualpa, Huascar, and Ninan Cuyuchi were.

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    Does it actually say he was "ineligible"? Incan succession doesn't default to firstborn son; but they were all still eligible. It seems to me that he simply wasn't chosen, not that he couldn't be chosen.
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  • Let me edit the question with part of the translation Commented May 6, 2016 at 13:08

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I would suggest that he was not chosen, not due to his status, but due to the politics favoring Atahualpa. The link you provided on the princess/consort Paccha Duchicela states:

Her rights to the throne of Quito was thereby transferred to the royal Inca dynasty

By selecting Atahualpa as heir, the Quito territory was added to the empire much like any political marriage of Monarchs in Europe. So politics, not birthright.

  • Sounds plausible to me. Commented May 6, 2016 at 22:51

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