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In a modern navy, a carrier can have several thousand crew members. For such a large number of crew, there would obviously be many roles and responsibilities required. Is there a resource that can outline these roles for modern navies?

So far, the most useful resource I have come across is this diagram. However, while it's useful for showing hierarchy and providing a basic understanding of which ranks would fill which roles, the information is for a 19th century navy.

So what I am curious about is firstly what are all the available roles aboard a modern naval carrier (anything from Captain to cook). Which roles would come with an official title, and which roles are not? With thousands of crew, what percentage make up the different roles (and for example, what would be the most common role)?

What are the typical roles of each rank, from seaman to chief petty officer under the enlisted crew, and then the roles that commissioned officers would have?

Several military ranks and shipboard titles coincide. For example the Captain or the First Lieutenant of a ship many have a rank that is higher or lower than the military rank of Captain or Lieutenant. Is there a full list of ship titles outlining their responsibilities? What military ranks would be typical for these titles? How does one distinguish between the two terminologies in a working environment? Would crew be addressed by rank, or title on board?

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This site details the hierarchy of a modern (WWII) battleship:


It seems to be lacking as to the relationship between in-ship responsibilities and military rank. I fear that this is more or less unavoidable unless we discuss each kind of ship separately, though: the commander of a destroyer or submarine would be probably be the Navy equivalent of an Army captain, whereas the commander of a battleship or carrier will probably be something closer to a colonel - and such quite certainly reflects on all official positions on board.

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