The wikipedia entry about Battle of Mu'tah contains an unsourced assertion:

Khalid ibn Al-Walid reported that the fighting was so intense that he used nine swords which broke in the battle. Khalid, seeing that the situation was hopeless, prepared to withdraw. He continued to engage the Byzantines in skirmishes, but avoided pitched battle. It is said that Khalid killed at least one identified Arab Christian commander namely Malik.

But it doesn't provide any citation for the claim.

Battle of Mu'tah

Is it true that Khalid said he broke nine swords in the battle of Mu'tah? What is the source of this information?


According to Ṭabarī:

[Khalid] went away, saying, "Nine swords were broken in my hand on the Day of Mu'tah..."

Ṭabarī attributes this account to Qais bin Abi Hazim. If you follow the footnote in Ṭabarī,you may be able to determine the original source.


The story about nine broken swords has mentioned in syr aalam alnonlaa by alzahabi in the part of khalid bin alwaleed

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